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PowerCLI - Get-View View Types

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Unfortunately, I don’t make use of the Get-View .NET cmdlet as often as I should. It’s a little more complicated than the rest of the PowerCLI cmdlets and a little harder to memorize but the speed is well worth the time and effort. Following up on that, this post is more for selfish reasons since I can never remember the proper ViewTypes. If you put in the wrong one the proper names all pop up but limiting the amount of red on my powershell screens is always a bonus.

PowerCLI Get-View View Types:

  • ComputeResource
  • ClusterComputeResource
  • Datacenter
  • Datastore
  • Network
  • DistributedVirtualPortgroup
  • DistributedVirtualSwitch
  • Folder
  • HostSystem
  • ResourcePool
  • VirtualApp
  • VirtualMachine
  • VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch