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Commitmas: Learning Git Revert

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Commitmas time has come again!

For those of you that aren’t aware, Commitmas is a program which started last year (2014) with a goal of pushing people to learn how to use GitHub by way of 12 days of different challenges. This year has been expanded out to include the entire month for a full 30 days worth of challenges. Last year I followed along and tried to push myself to learn how to better use GitHub as I was a very basic user. This year I’m making attempts to be much more involved and even picked up a challenge to present on. The challenge I selected was titled «Wait, I screwed something up and need to roll it back!» and is located at the following link: Commitmas 2015 - Challenge 10

The following session was recorded on December 10th and outlines the challenge and ways to complete it:

Additional Commitmas information and the rest of the challenges can be found on GitHub: Commitmas 2015