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EUC Day 2016: PowerCLI for View

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The Minneapolis VMUG had a terrific idea to put together a specialized event based around End User Computing (EUC) and I was lucky enough to be asked to come and present something around automation. That brings me to the session I chose, which is an introduction to PowerCLI for View.

Horizon View and automation (Powershell, specifically) aren’t something that go together all that well at this point in time. PowerCLI for View is a great utility, don’t think I’m taking anything away from it nor bashing it, but it does take some understanding to kinda set the groundwork before you dive-in head first. This session is my attempt to help set that groundwork.

EUC Day 2016 - PowerCLI for Horizon View

Thanks again to Matt Heldstab and the rest of the MN VMUG team for having me out, the event was awesome. I also want to call out the rest of the sessions from that day, which can be found on YouTube: EUC Day 2016 - YouTube List