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PSConfEU - vSphere Security Compliance in a DevOps World

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PSConfEU is Europe’s largest PowerShell conference and this year I had the distinct pleasure of not only attending, but also presenting! It is 4 days of non-stop PowerShell knowledge bombs in just about every area you can think of and I had a blast! If you have a chance to attend, definitely take advantage of it.

Luckily, if you missed out, all the sessions were recorded (huge shoutout to Thorsten Butz for all the hard work he put in) and are available on YouTube: PSConfEU Playlist

In this blog post, I wanted to cover the session where I talked about some development work I’ve done with InSpec and, sadly, a now defunct resource called InSpec-VMware. The purpose behind my project was to harness the power of InSpec in conjunction with PowerShell and PowerCLI to easily create security compliance reports based on the vSphere Security Configuration Guide

PSConfEU 2019 - vSphere Security Compliance in a DevOps World

PSConfEU - vSphere Security Compliance in a DevOps World

For more information about the DSC Resources for VMware, the project is available on GitHub as well as the PowerShell Gallery