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Terraform - Foundational Policies Library and GKE

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Terraform Kubernetes GCP

The usage of Kubernetes continues to grow for most organizations. HashiCorp Terraform is used to simplify the Kubernetes deployment and management process by defining the necessary components as code. This can also be taken a step further by configuring guardrails, which help to protect infrastructure changes that may go against the business’ policies or don’t follow regulatory policies. Similarly to the infrastructure, we can define these policies as code with Sentinel.

To aid in the creation of new policies, there was recently released a preview of the Terraform Foundational Policies Library for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud and Enterprise. This fantastic new resource of first-class controls serves to enable consumers to establish a consistent level of security across their workloads using policy as code with Sentinel. The initial set of 50 policies are based on controls, as defined by the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks, for some of the major cloud providers.

The following video walks through the configuration of three policies, which were defined by CIS Benchmarks, and made available as part of the Terraform Foundational Policies Library and how to apply them to a GKE configuration.

Applying Policy as Code to Kubernetes Clusters

Foundational Policies Library and GKE

More Information

If you would like to know more about the Terraform Foundational Policies Library or how to get started with additional policies, please review the documentation.